Major Changes to Statutory Leaves of Absence Are Underway

Carl Cunningham, Talia Bregman and Tyler Henderson of Bennett Jones bring our attention some of the biggest implemented or pending changes to statutory absences in Ontario labour law.  Some of those key changes:

  • Pregnancy leave goes from 35 to 61 (unpaid) weeks.
  • Parental leave goes from 37 to 67 (unpaid) weeks.
  • Family medical leave (to care for family members with serious medical conditions) go from up to 8 (unpaid) weeks in a 26-week period to up 28 (unpaid) weeks in a 52-week period.
  • There is a new provision for a domestic or sexual violence leave, one wich provides up to 10 days (the first 5 of which must be paid), plus up to 15 weeks, unpaid, per calendar year.

They provide a very helpful chart at the above-hyperlinked webpage.

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