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Latin and The Law

[This is a repost from the old Camberwell House blog, December 1, 2009.] There was a time when reading law was an exercise in plowing through the classical educations of the British lawyers of a different era, a kind of penance paid by the rest of us for the sins of the teachers of countless […]

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Municipalities now have a higher inspection standard

The Corporation of the Township of Lake of Bays was allegedly negligent in granting a permit and conducting inspections of the Breens’ cottage. The trial judge found that the municipality had breached its duty of care to the Breens right from the planning stage, and continuing through its inadequate inspections during construction , and these […]

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Laws Relating To Carrying Knives In Canada

Ian Runkle, an Alberta criminal defence lawyer and youtuber, does excellent legal information videos. (Remember, information only, they’re not legal advice, but they do have very sensible suggestions.) Here is an excellent one:

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Camberwell House has discontinued its fax number

As has been detailed in previous blog posts… The death of fax (December 28, 2020)The coup de grâce for faxes (March 20, 2021)Coup de grâce to the coup de grâce (June 11, 2021) …faxes are no longer a part of the Rules of Civil Procedure, and are no longer a valid form of legal service. […]

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If you think “rent” and “buy” mean different things …

… Apple thinks that you are not a reasonable person. In fact, Apple takes the position — in court, no less — that no reasonable person would think that. “Apple sued for terminating account with $25,000 worth of apps and videos” “Lawsuits claim people don’t truly own content they purchase on digital platforms.”

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No Employment Law Services

Please be advised that as of April 6, 2021 Camberwell House will no longer be supplying employment law services. We thank our past clients for their patronage, and wish them the best as we move to a more focused and specialized set of services.

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The death of fax

Lawyers have been one of the last holdouts using fax machines. Part of that was simply the Rules of Civil Procedure, which made very specific provision for service by fax, and a fax confirmation sheet was good enough for the court that something had indeed been sent. Service by email, however, used to require a […]

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Limits to this Blog

This Blog is made available by Camberwell House for informational, discussion and educational purposes only. The blog is NOT to provide specific legal advice and does not do so. By using this blog site you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and Camberwell House. The Blog/Web Site should not be used […]

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Feds provide full list of newly-banned weapons

This post is done by Camberwell House for informational, discussion and educational purposes only. It is NOT to provide specific legal advice and does not do so.   The older the post is, the higher the risk that the information in it is incorrect: Camberwell does not delete older posts.  There is no lawyer-client relationship between […]

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Standard Charge Terms online!

As of December 2018, all Standard Charge Terms registered after January 1, 2007 are now available for download – for free – from the OnLand portal.  Hat tip to the Middlesex Law Association for spreading the word!

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