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Employer Limits on Employee Free Speech

“Is the duty of loyalty a limit to freedom of expression?” In their article of that title Félix Germek-Michaud and Simon Gagné of Lavery Lawyers answer “yes”, in examining the case of a bookstore employee who wore a patch in support of Quebec students who were protesting government tuition changes: “The right to freedom of […]

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Arbitration Clauses and Employment Contracts: NO? Maybe.

“A recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal involving Uber throws into doubt the enforceability of certain arbitration clauses in employment (and independent contractor) agreements — and potentially consumer and other agreements. The Court found the arbitration clause at issue was invalid due to statutory non-compliance and unconscionability, in part because it required Uber […]

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“Independent Contractors” can get severance?

Jeff Dutton of Dutton Employment Law brings our attention to a Superior Court case that may change the law in Ontario: Cormier v. 1772887 Ontario Limited c.o.b. as St. Joseph Communication. Ms. Cormier had been an independent contractor with St. Joseph Communication [“StJC] from 1994-2004, an employee from 2004 to 2012, and a manger with […]

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Basket Clauses are OK again: Milne Estate (Div.Ct.)

Good news.  As the reader will recall, the decision in Milne Estate threw the Estate bar of Ontario in confusion over the issue of whether “basket clause” multiple wills were invalid.  The Divisional Court (Milne Estate (re) [Div.Ct.]) has now restored the law as it was before the first decision: “basket” (or “allocation”) clause wills […]

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