Category: Employment etc.

“Employee with 40-Year Discipline-Free Record Terminated for Cause “

Leah Schatz of MLT Aikins LLP brings an interesting Saskatchewan case to our attention: the upheld termination for cause of an employee with a 40-year zero-discipline record who piled up a number of serious misconduct violations at the end of her time there. Two key takeaways: Infractions meriting termination and refusal to correct conduct can […]

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Employers are responsible for contractors’ employee safety too

“Am I my brother’s keeper? Supreme Court of Canada confirms employers are responsible for the safety of their contractors’ employees as well as their own employees” Kristen Woo and Richard Press note the SCC decision in West Fraser Mills Ltd. v. British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal), 2018 SCC 22 which holds that an employer […]

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