“Mandatory HR Policies required by law in Ontario”

Monika B. Jensen Ph.D, principal of the Aviary Group, a specialist human resources firm, provides an excellent summary of mandatory, recommended and helpful policies that employers should have:

… Mandatory HR policies required by law in Ontario. […]

1. General health and safety policy

2. Violence policy

3. Harassment policy

4. Domestic violence policy

5. WHMIS policy

6. Hazard-specific policies and procedures

7. Emergency preparedness and response policy

8. Psychological harassment policy

9. Personal information privacy policy

10. Pay equity policy and plan

11. Accessibility policies


These are other policies strongly recommended by courts – common law:

· Anti-harassment/anti-discrimination/accommodation policy

· Progressive discipline policy

· Privacy policy

· Internet, email and computer use policy

· Social media policy

· Hours of work and attendance policy

· Overtime policy

· Employment Standards policies

· Smoking in the workplace policy

· Conflict of interest policy

· Flexible work arrangements/telecommuting policy

· Group benefits plan policy: health and life insurance

· Drug and alcohol policy

· Code of conduct policy


These are best practice policies:

· Dress Code

· Performance management policy

· Employee expense policy

· Whistleblower policy

· Confidentiality policy

· Hiring policy

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