Management’s 5 Key Responsibilities to Tackle Workplace Mental Health

Patrizia Piccolo (of Rubin Thomlinson LLP) has an excellent article up.  Those key 5 responsibilities:

1. Prevention and Promotion – “Managers should understand their organizational needs and identify potential and existing issues.”
2. Staff Education – “Managers should ensure that education is provided on the realities of mental illness in order to remove the stigma associated therewith.”
3. Manager Training to Identify and Address Workplace Mental Health Issues – “Managers should also obtain training [and she lists the 3 key things to learn]”.
4. Early intervention – “Managers should ensure that the organization has both prevention mechanisms and crisis response systems in place.”
5. Accommodation – “Organizations have the duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship…”

Please go read the whole thing.  It is worth the time.

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