Song Xue’s “Top Tips to Avoid Litigation”

Song Xue of Harper Grey LLP privides his “Top Tips to Avoid Litigation”. I give you the list below, but the article is worth reading in full if you don’t want to be involved in a court case that you could have avoided.

  1. Create Clear Agreements – In Writing
  2. Read the Agreement – Carefully!
  3. Consider (and limit) Your Contractual Liability
  4. Don’t ‘Check Out’ Once the Contract is Signed
  5. If Something Smells ‘Fishy’ – It Probably Is
  6. Keep Good Records
  7. Lean on Your Staff
  8. Choose Your Business Partners Carefully
  9. Pick Up the Phone
  10. Be Proactive
  11. Be Willing to Compromise
  12. Seek Legal Guidance

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