Coup de grâce to the coup de grâce

In March of this year this blog had an entry called “The coup de grâce for faxes“, which talked about the end of faxes for almost all purposes under the Rules of Civil Procedure. In it I said this:

The only thing left (according the the Rules) was the possibility that Confirmation Forms could be sent to court offices by fax because that hadn’t been specifically removed from the Rules. I opined [in December of 2020]: “that fax vestigial option will probably stay that way until fax machines become rare oddities in law offices and there is no point to retaining the technology in courthouses”.

Well, that final vestigial option is being removed as of Canada Day.

A new regulation [O. Reg. 383/21] amending the Rules of Civil Procedure removes the option of providing a confirmation of application or motion form to the registrar by fax.

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