Bench/Bar Conference -1- The Courthouse itself and filing

The following is part a series of Camberwell House summaries of some key court and courthouse information as recently relayed to the Middlesex Law Association by Justice Duncan Grace, Regional Senior Justice Bruce Thomas, and Trial Coordinator Joy Beattie.  It is not in the order of the notes provided by the Courthouse, but is organized by topic.

  • It is anticipated that the Courthouse will re-open on Monday, March 30, 2020.
  • Because of Covid-19 cases the courthouse has been closed and hasn’t re-opened yet and staff have been trying to work from home where possible.
  • Business is not and will not be normal for a while.
  • No one should assume that the pre-pandemic level of service will be maintained or restored anytime soon.
  • There will be a very large backlog when court re-opens.
  • There will probably be changes to filing procedures in light of social distancing requirements when filing offices re-open, but what they are to be is currently unknown.

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