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One of the more difficult things for beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of a deceased individual is to find out if a deceased had a Will, and where it is. This is even more difficult where the deceased has lived in multiple jurisdictions, or the lawyer who held the Will has died or retired, or where the deceased’s survivors don’t even know the deceased’s lawyer was.

To help solve this problem, the County of Carleton Law Association [“CCLA”] has developed, a wills registry. Through Will Check, lawyers can deposit the location information about wills they create for their clients. (Currently requests and submissions can only be made by members of the Law Society of Ontario [“LSO”].)

Will Check is a wills registry to store the location information for wills (not the wills themselves).

If CCLA gets a request for a will, it looks up the lawyer who holds the original copy of that will and can provide that information. (CCLA will only provide the contact information of that lawyer, not any information about the will itself.)

If you wish Camberwell House to register your Will, please fill out our Release Form and send it to us at david [at-symbol]

If you have had some other law firm prepare your Will, please go to the and download their sample release, provide it to your lawyer and have him register it. (The lawyer may charge a fee for this.)


Will Check home page

CCLA Will Check Information Page

CCLA Will Check Service Privacy Policy

CCLA Will Check Service Terms of Use

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