Mortgage Discharge Escalation Contact List

Mortgage Discharge Escalation Contact List for Real Estate Lawyers – Updated 2017

 In response to concerns raised through the Federation of Law Societies of Canada regarding delays in the delivery or registration of some mortgage discharges,  the Canadian Bankers Association has provided law societies with a list of bank contacts for lawyers. The list is intended to provide assistance to lawyers in resolving delays on mortgages not discharged after 90 days.

You can access the updated contact list at the following link:

The list does not include financial institutions that are not members of the Canadian Bankers Association.   

This post is done by Camberwell House for informational, discussion and educational purposes only. It is NOT to provide specific legal advice and does not do so.   The older the post is, the higher the risk that the information in it is incorrect: Camberwell does not delete older posts.  There is no lawyer-client relationship between you and Camberwell House and you should seek your own lawyer and obtain legal advice tailored to your circumstances. 

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