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“The small claims system is in disarray and it is depriving many of access to justice”

Noted lawyer and legal writer Howard Levitt describes the chaos that Covid-19 has caused within the Small Claims Court system. The article is well worth reading in its entirety.

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Laws Relating To Carrying Knives In Canada

Ian Runkle, an Alberta criminal defence lawyer and youtuber, does excellent legal information videos. (Remember, information only, they’re not legal advice, but they do have very sensible suggestions.) Here is an excellent one:

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Trends in Estate Law, a BC view

James Zaistoff and Owen Bird have written a very helpful article (“12 Trends in Estate Litigation for 2022”) where they list what they think are the “top trends and recurring themes” as we go into 2022.  While it is a BC-centered article it is definitely worth reading because such laws and trends are remarkably similar […]

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Standard Charge Terms 200033

Land Registration Reform Act SET OF STANDARD CHARGE TERMS (Electronic Filing) Filing Date:     November 3 2000 Filed by   Dye & Durham Co. Inc.     Filing number: 200033 The following Set of Standard Charge Terms shall be applicable to documents registered in electronic format under Part III of the Land Registration Reform Act R.S.O. 7990, c L4 […]

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Christmas / New Year

Office closed – Dec.24, 2021 – Jan.2, 2022 Please be advised that Camberwell House will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Friday, December 24, 2021 to Sunday, January 2, 2022. The office will re-open for normal business on Monday, January 2, 2020. If you need to deliver a package or have an emergency, please […]

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Municipality not responsible for providing inaccurate information

Daniel Waldman of Pallett Valo draws our attention to a case that should be very worrying for anybody who needs accurate information from a municipality: Charlesfort Developments Limited v. Ottawa (City). The Court of Appeal held that that the city of Ottawa owed the developer Charlesfort no duty of care in a rezoning application. More […]

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You don’t have to be Holding to be Using: distracted driving

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has come out with a very harsh and expansive view of what constitutes “use” of a device in a car which leads to a distracted driving charge. Daniel Standing, an editor at First Reference gives us an excellent summary. A driver “as operating his vehicle with his phone plugged […]

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Camberwell House has discontinued its fax number

As has been detailed in previous blog posts… The death of fax (December 28, 2020)The coup de grâce for faxes (March 20, 2021)Coup de grâce to the coup de grâce (June 11, 2021) …faxes are no longer a part of the Rules of Civil Procedure, and are no longer a valid form of legal service. […]

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One reason for becoming a lawyer

“Picture this. 1787. It’s Salisbury, North Carolina. You’re twenty years old, you’re bored, and you’re a little bit of a sh**head teenager. You have a little inheritance from your grandpa who just died, so what do you do? Become a lawyer of course… What, like it’s hard or something? I mean there’s only eight laws […]

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Coup de grâce to the coup de grâce

In March of this year this blog had an entry called “The coup de grâce for faxes“, which talked about the end of faxes for almost all purposes under the Rules of Civil Procedure. In it I said this: The only thing left (according the the Rules) was the possibility that Confirmation Forms could be […]

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